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Benefit From Efficiency and Excellence with the Melag Euroklav 29VS+: A Breakthrough in Autoclave Technology

When it comes to sterilisation, performance is key. Here at Durham Autoclaves, we put our trust in the long established MELAG name, a name synonymous with innovation and quality. A company which has been a leading competitor since the 1950’s. Their Melag Euroklav 29VS+, is a cutting-edge autoclave that oozes innovation and reliability. But what does this groundbreaking autoclave have to offer?

An open autoclave

Unrivalled Efficiency

The Euroklav 29VS+ boasts lightning-fast sterilisation cycles, with unwrapped instruments completed in just 25 minutes and wrapped instruments in 45 minutes, including a simple pre-vacuum and drying process. This means minimal downtime and maximum productivity for your practice.

Superior Performance

Equipped with effective vacuum drying, this autoclave ensures optimal sterilisation outcomes every time. Say goodbye to moisture-related issues and hello to impeccably sterilised instruments and textiles!

A closed autoclave

Intuitive Operation

Navigating the Euroklav 29VS+ is a breeze, thanks to the MELAG 4-Key concept. Its user-friendly interface makes operation straightforward and hassle-free.

Streamlined Documentation

With a serial interface compatible with MELAflash or MELAnet Box, paperless documentation becomes a reality. Stay organised and compliant with seamless digital record-keeping, improving efficiency and reducing administrative burden.

Flexible and Space-Saving

Designed as a stand-alone autoclave, the Euroklav 29VS+ requires no tap water connection, offering unmatched flexibility in installation. Its compact dimensions (42.5 x 48.5 x 61 cm) make it ideal for practices of all sizes, with minimal surface space required. With a chamber size of 25 cm x 35 cm, chamber volume of 18 litres and a weight of 42 kg it really is an autoclave of innovative convenience. MELAG continues to set the standard for autoclave technology and with the Euroklav 29VS+, practices can enjoy an economical alternative to traditional steam sterilisers, without compromising on quality or performance.

Take your sterilisation process to new heights with the Melag Euroklav 29VS+.

A durham autoclaves ad that reads "Free delivery &installation" and "Free Service in 6 months time"

At Durham Autoclaves, we're proud to currently offer this exceptional autoclave alongside an unbeatable special offer: free delivery, free installation, and a free 6-month service, but why is the Euroklav 29VS+ the ultimate choice for your sterilisation needs.

Contact Durham Autoclaves today to take advantage of our special offer and experience the difference firsthand. Experience efficiency, excellence, and peace of mind with the Euroklav 29VS+.

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