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Autoclaves Laboratory

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Providing repair, maintenance and validation...
Durham Autoclaves provides repair, maintenance and Validation for Many of the leading autoclave/sterilisation manufactures. We work within the laboratory, Food Industry, CSSD, pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Sectors.

We offer a variety of contracts they can be tailored to specific customer requirements.

Durham Autoclaves contract services include:

• Comprehensive servicing up to Visits per annum

• Validation annually or quarterly as per industry specification

• Repairs

• Attend Site with Insurance Inspector

• Hydraulic Testing

• Emergency Call Out

• Loan Autoclave Delivered and Installed

• Documentation is now paper free and will be sent & signed electronically

The Importance of Servicing

Regular servicing ensures the autoclave reaches the maximum lifespan.

Our service engineers will also carry out a detailed service component inspection which is based on our many years of maintenance experience.

In many cases, the inspection can identify issues before they occur, helping to ensure optimal performance.

We always recommend that servicing and the replacement of service parts is completed when stipulated to protect the life-expectancy of the application.
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