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Product description

Rapid, pre-programmed cycles and maximal uptime ensure a streamlined workflow, with a range of chamber sizing available to suit both quiet and busy practices.

Featuring a sleek, stylish, Italian design, the Midmark Newmed B Class provides the ultimate in infection control.

Thanks to the cutting edge research and development of our talented and experienced R&D engineers, all Midmark Class Bsterilizers are now able to achieve even more rapid Class B cycle times of up to 20% faster with our exclusive, QuikSteam™ technology.

With easily wipe-able surfaces and effortless data capture plus a fail - safe automatic door
locking system, this steriliser proves to be as good as it looks. Even temperature and steam
distribution ensure maximal steam to instrument penetration, and we also provide a range of water solutions to suit your requirements.

Whether your aim is to use it all day, every day, or less frequently, the Midmark Newmed range will maximise uptime in your practice whilst proving to be cost-effective and reliable.


The Midmark 23 L class B autoclave fits comfortably on a standard work bench, but is perfect for higher-performing surgeries where larger kits are
used. Depth in mm: 695. Width in mm: 505. Height in mm: 400. Chamber
depth in mm: 530.

● 18 Litre:
○ Outer Measurements: (D x W x H) 610 x 505 x 400mm
○ Standard Trays: 4 x (185 x 285 x 17mm)
○ Chamber: (D x L) 235 x 381mm

● 23 Litre:
○ Outer Measurements: (D x W x H) 695 x 505 x 400mm
○ Standard Trays: 4 x (185 x 440 x 17mm)
○ Chamber: (D x L) 235 x 530mm

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