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MELAtrace Pro and MELAtrace

MELAtrace Pro and MELAtrace

Documentation and Approval of the Instrument Decontamination Process

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The software solutions for documentation, approval and traceability in an easy, safe and paperless way.

MELAtrace and MELAtrace Pro are software solutions for the professional documentation and approval of the entire instrument decontamination process.

The intuitive operating interface of MELAtrace helps you to link the single steps of cleaning and disinfection with sterilization. Perform batch approvals with just a few clicks and archive the essential program parameters as well as approval decisions in a
tamper-proof decontamination report.


An additional MELAprint 60 generates bar code labels in order to ensure a complete traceability. After the application of an instrument, you are able to transfer batch information directly from the bar code label into the patient records - irrespectively of your deployed patient management software.

The licence model of MELAtrace is unique as well: A one-off purchase permits the permanent use of MELAtrace in conjunction with all MELAG devices and DAC Universal in your practice and clinic. No annual license or signature fees are incurred.


Benefit from MELAtrace Pro with further product highlights facilitating the complete documentation of your entire instrument decontamination process:
● Manage load elements and standard batches to maximize the transparency of the documentation.
● Video tutorials assist the personnel with all the information required for the correct use of MELAtrace Pro.
● Rely on preferential remote support by MELAG experts.
● The user authentication can also be performed before loading and approving the devices.
● Assign sealing logs with all relevant process parameters to the sterilization batch.
● Document both text and graphic logs in the decontamination reports.


The user interface of MELAtrace and MELAtrace Pro can be operated both by touch and using a mouse. The MELAG documentation and approval software is installed quickly and easily under Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Windows Server 2012. After the purchase of the MELAtrace software, the MELAtrace version must be unlocked through licensing.

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