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Sealing Devices for safe Instrument Packaging in Practice and Clinic

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Transparent sterilization package.

MELAfol is an impermeable to bacteria, heat sealable, transparent sterilization package in accordance with EN 868-5. It is crease resistant and it can be opened comfortably ("peelable" sealing seams). MELAfol has a handling indicator that changes colour from
pink to brown with steam sterilization. The MELAfol packages are sealed safely with a 10 mm wide sealing seam (EN 868-5 requires a minimum width of only 6 mm), with film sealing devices such as MELAseal Pro or MELAseal 100+.

MELAfol packages are available in various sizes as pouches and reels.

Reels (Width x Length)

● MELAfol 502 (5cm x 200 Meter)
● MELAfol 752 (7,5cm x 200 Meter)
● MELAfol 1002 (10cm x 200 Meter)
● MELAfol 1502 (15cm x 200 Meter)
● MELAfol 2002 (20cm x 200 Meter)
● MELAfol 2502 (25cm x 200 Meter)

Pouches (Width x Length)

● MELAfol 501 (5cm x 25cm)
● MELAfol 751 (7,5cm x 25cm)
● MELAfol 1001 (10cm x 25cm)

Pouches with fold (Width x Length)

MELAfol 2051 (20cm x 50cm)

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