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For ENT practice

For ENT practice

MELAtherm packages

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The range of hollow instruments of various shapes and with various hollow spaces place particularly high requirements on the use of washer-disinfectors in the field of ENT. Together with hygiene experts and doctors a compatible system of baskets has been developed for the MELAtherm which can be combined in any manner and which not only promises optimal results for the preparation of ear specula nasal specula and many other instruments but also enables a high level of working ergonomics.

The package contains

1x ME00200 Basis basket with injector rail (with 11 blind screws)
1x ME80020 Flex basket 2
1x ME80030 Flex basket 3
1x ME00195 Instrument basket compact
1x ME80090 Top frame for ear specula Flex 2, mesh size 20 mm
1x ME80435 Top frame for nose specula Flex 1 (incl. 2 fixing clamps)

As an option: Adapters for the injector rail for hollow instruments with or without central filter.

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