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For dental practice

For dental practice

MELAtherm packages

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For over 45 patients and up to 33 hollow instruments can be decontaminated in record time with MELAtherm. The trays in this package offer a good mixture for the standardised instrument decontamination in MELAstore-Trays (washing cassettes) and alternatively individually standing or, recumbent, in the specially developed insert basket equipment.

The package contains

1x ME84610 Basis basket with injector rail and Cleanfinity Filter
1x ME80135 Universal insert rack Flex 2
4x ME01181 MELAstore Tray 100
1x ME80020 Flex basket 2
2x ME80110 Insert rack for impression trays, scissors and clamps
1x ME00184 Instrument basket standard
1x ME00133 Small-parts basket
as an option: Adapters for the injector rail for hollow instruments with or without central filter.

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