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125- 735 Ultra square Autoclave

125- 735 Ultra square Autoclave


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About this product

The SQUARE ECO Range is the entry level to square-chambered autoclaves offered by Astell.

These units can sterilize almost all autoclavable material used in the laboratory – from instruments and glassware, to discard and liquids – although cannot dry fabric like our more advanced machines.

Ranging from 125 to 360 litres, the SQUARE ECO provides the usability of a square chamber autoclave at a fraction of the price. Introducing the SQUARE ECO Range from Astell Scientific.

About this product

This range is designed with price and economy in mind - the ECO range offers all the functionality of Astell's standard circular range of autoclaves, but with increased usable capacity due to a square chamber design.

The ECO range is designed to be water efficient, with Autofill and Autodrain options fitted as standard, and low in power consumption by utilising 16kW heaters in chamber across the range.

Please note the 360 litre SQUARE ECO unit is only suitable for fluid loads.

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