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Discover the Revolutionary Melag Vacuclave 105: The Fastest Autoclave in the World

At Durham Autoclaves, we are proud to introduce the Melag Vacuclave 105. At up to 82% faster than other autoclaves on the market, it is considered to be the fastest autoclave in the world. This compact powerhouse, weighing on average 50% less than other autoclaves, is set to redefine sterilisation standards, making it an essential addition for any medical or dental practice, big or small.


Speed and Efficiency

Here at Durham Autoclaves, and joining many other autoclave specialists, we believe the 5 litre Vacuclave 105 is the future. The Vacuclave 105 can sterilise up to 22 contra-angle handpieces on two trays in record time from 6.5 minutes (plus flexDRY drying).

This incredible speed is achieved with 60% less space required compared to conventional Class B autoclaves, making it perfect for practices with limited space​.

Advanced Features in a Compact Design

Despite its compact size, the Vacuclave 105 is packed with advanced features:

Smart-Touch Display: An intuitive touchscreen interface for easy operation, similar to using a smartphone.

Powerful Vacuum Process: Ensures reliable sterilisation in compliance with EN 13060 standards.

Energy Efficiency: The Power Save mode optimises energy usage, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

Connectivity: Integrated data logging via USB or network ensures compliance with legal sterilisation requirements​.


An Exclusive Preview in Berlin for Durham Autoclaves

On May 31st, our very own Mark had the privilege of attending the Melag Innovation Day in Berlin, where the Vacuclave 105 was showcased. Alongside over 70 other invited guests, Mark had the opportunity to explore the latest innovations from Melag, a family-run business renowned for its commitment to quality since 1951. The event was a testament to Melag'sdedication to advancing sterilisation technology and maintaining its leadership in the industry​.

Preorder Now

The Melag Vacuclave 105 is now available for pre-order from Durham Autoclaves ready for its official release at the end ofAugust 2024. As the UK's specialist Melag provider, we are excited to offer this state-of-the-art autoclave to our customers. 

Don't miss the chance to improve the efficiency of your practice with the world's fastest sterilisation solution. Described by Melag themselves as “Not Big, But Great!”

For more details or to place a pre-order, visit our website or contact us directly. Let Durham Autoclaves and Melag bring exceptional speed and efficiency to your practice!

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