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Introducing 'CareClave', 4-in-1 space saver!

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

The team at Durham Autoclaves and Steriliser Services are excited to introduce you to a new autoclave, which will advance the procedures of sterilisation.

CareClave, which is produced and manufactured by Melag, is named the ‘revolution of instrument reprocessing’ due to its four in one solution.

Included within the CareClave autoclave is:

Cleaning and disinfection.


Sterilisation (Class B).

Documentation and approval.

The cleaning and disinfectant from this CareClave guarantee of 8 transmission instruments, prophylaxis handpieces or ultrasonic scaler tips in 16 minuets.

With state-of-the-art technology and nine years of intensive research and development, the CareClave autoclave is combines the entire reprocessing workflow in only one device in order to provide the highest level of safety and efficiency.

Why the CareClave?

We understand that many dentist practises are pushed for space and cannot allocate lots of space for autoclave machinery. Which is why CareClave is a perfect solution for dentistry practices, the four in one solution cuts down machine space as all operations can be carried out in one space. CareClave saves you 45% more space in your decontamination room, as you remove the need for an additional lubrication device.

While being economical for space, CareClave is economical in consumption. Due to its dosing process, the sterilisation is done with accuracy, only using the amount of oil needed.

The CareClave is revolutionary in the market and has a range of benefits for your business to save you time, money and space.

Free Trail of the CareClave

Durham Autoclaves and Steriliser Solutions are offering you a free trial of CareClave, so you and your team can understand the equipment and test it for your needs.

Either trial the CareClave or loan it, test the function of the autoclave and its suitability for your processes and decontamination room.

The installation of the CareClave autoclave for the trial will be free and will be installed in a location which is best suited for you. We are happy to look over the autoclave with you and explain its functions with you.

If you would like to give it a go, please get in touch with our team today.

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