Durham Autoclaves provides emergency repair, maintenance, installation and commissioning services as well as HTM2010 & HTM01-05 testing, validation, mandatory certification, and training.

Autoclave rooms are used for the washing and sterilisation of trays, instruments etc…

TST Control provide the most information available of any chemical indicator. All indicators have been calibrated to perform in a predefined parameter, helping the users detect process failure.


Durham Autoclave utilises it's performance in Laboratory, using modern repeatable performance and accountability for a wide range of applications. We use the sterilisation of liquid glass, laboratory, and unwrapped instruments, biohazard, and waste sterilisation.

Durham Autoclaves assists in decommissioning autoclaves, and supplying temporary autoclaves for your convenience. We use the HTM-2010 and HTM 01-05 in carrying out our standard checks, and approvals.

Durham autoclave service offers a wide range of service packages to meet the needs of most budgets. Along with standard call out, repair, and insurance inspections - Durham autoclaves can tailor contracts to customer needs.